The Ulronai, a people driven to a nomadic lifestyle after nearly being exterminated by the Lord of the Graven Spear, are thought to number no more than a few thousand throughout the world most of them in the Wilderland (an uncivilized and unclaimed place where they are forced to live a near nomadic life style due to the curse of the Lord of the Graven Spear doomed to see their culture slowly fade to the point of near extinction) They’re light-skinned like Westerlanders. They tend to wear whatever clothing they can make of get their hands on that’s appropriate for the cold climate, though they seem to favor Westerlander garb. They usually have blue, grey or green eyes. Their hair tends to be brown, black, or unusual shade of grey; all shades turn to a white-grey as they age. Both genders wear their hair long, but women leave it unbound whereas men tie it back in a ponytail bound by a silver ring called a salashyr. To take a man’s salashyr even after defeating him, is a grave insult that can only be avenged by the death of the thief.

The Ulronai claim descent from Ulro, a great warrior-hero (hence Ulronai, meaning “people of Ulro” or “Children of Ulro”). Their tales say Ulro was born not of a woman, but of a sword, and took up that same sword to slay monsters and demons when was only three years old. After fathering the Uronai race and creating Talacoriom (its unique warrior-magic), Ulro faced a being known only as the Demon of the Moon and slew him in single combat, but was himself slain in turn by this fould creature.

The Ultonai Curse
The Lord of the Graven Spear laid a terrible curse on the Ulronai – A curse for powerful and profound no one has ever found a way to break it, or eaven weaken it. It makes other men and only men mistrust and fear the Ulronai as a people. Ther’re regarded as thieves, dangerous troublemakers, lower-class scum … in general, as undesirable to be around. The one flaw in the curse is this: it only applies to the Ulronai as a people. It affects the general perception of the Ulronai, and it applies between any person and an Ulronai not known to him. But if an Ulronai manages, despite the curse, to make friends with an individual man, so that person knows and conceives of him as a distinct person, the curse no longer applies between them. That Ulronai can interact with that person normally – even though that person will continue to hold negative opinions about “those other Ulronai”

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