Eltrois is 6'1" tall and weighs about 220 #s. He has black hair, mustache and beard. He is a ruggedly handsome man.



Eltrois is a ruggedly handsome man who is in his 27 years old. His skin is lightly tan in color but it is not from being in the sun. He is just a tan skinned man.

When he is not on a mission he has friendly attitude. He smiles and shakes hands with anyone he meets.

EltroisCoatOfArms.png Eltrois was born into an extremely minor noble family. On his father’s side of the family all the men have been soldiers in the Aarn Army. As a general rule they never attained ranks higher than sergeant. Eltrois’ father was the exception. Because of his valor on the battlefield he eventually became a knight in Lord Thialfi forces.

Because of this Eltrois was offered a chance to be sent to the Hellreavers to be trained. Eltrois jumped at the chance. It is a good thing he didn’t know what he was getting into because if he had he might have not volunteered.

From the age of 10 until 14 years old Eltrois served as a page. His days were spent either being educated, training in the fighting arts, chores, prayer, and generally whatever the people with higher rank than he did decided to have him do.

From 15 to 17 Eltrois served as a squire for a number of years. He served with three different knights. The last knight, Sir Ismar was a retired questing knight so Eltrois had the opportunity to travel around the realm (although Sir Ismar was careful to keep to safer places on account of Eltrois’s youth and inexperience). It was on these adventures that Eltrois first saw battle and where he first had to destroy an undead.

At the age of 18 Eltrois was made a man-of-arms within the Hellreavers. It would take 5 years for Eltrois to prove that he was worthy of becoming a knight.

Since then the Hellreavers have sent him on many dangerous missions.
Eltrois coat of arms is based on the Hellreavers coat of arms. The addition of the griffin represents his family and the three diamonds represent that he is third son.


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