Eli the Storyteller

Human bard, singer of songs, teller of stories


Eli is a tall slender human with light brown hair and blue eyes. He is usually singing or humming a song softly to himself. He is often underestimated as a pretty boy, but can take care of himself.


I come by my story telling honestly. My mother is a story teller of sorts. Well… actually she is a bar maid, and has been since before I was born. But I have heard her tell people that she is the wife of a rich merchant. Or the personal hand maiden to the Queen. Or the cousin of the Captain of the Guard. She is always weaving yet another intricate tale of some adventure from her youth. I know that her stories or not true, but I smile and nod in all the right places and pretend to believe her.

The other kids used to tease me, and call me a bastard. My mother tried to ease the sting by telling me that my father is a noble from a far away land, and that he wanted to marry her and take us both away to live in his castle, but he had to marry another for political reasons. I have always known that it is another one of her stories, but I let her have her fantasies. I know that my father is more likely a traveling merchant or a drunken sailor. It doesn’t matter who he was, I have made my own life without him.

I have spent my entire life in and around various bars and taverns in Aarn. I was cleaning tables and delivering mugs of ale as soon as I could walk. I learned to play cards and dice from an old pirate captain. I learned to throw a dagger and swear in a dozen languages from a half orc bouncer. And I learned to weave magic in to my songs from an elven bard who was older than the oldest oak tree.

Mother still works in a tavern in Aarn, and I have a new little sister. I am sure mother is already filling her head with tales of princes and castles in far away lands.

Eli the Storyteller

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