Turakian Age- The shadow you cannot see

Tower of Bone

50 flights of stairs...

After going to The Hellreavers outpost we headed to the Tower of Bone. I have faced many horrifying and distasteful tasks as a Hellreaver, but seeing the Tower of Bone was one of the most depressing things I have ever seen.

I knew we would have to climb 50 flights of stairs, with our equipment to get to the top of the tower, which is where Sa’ Akiv told us the chest contain the Bloodstain Scrolls of Thronek would be. After climbing many stairs and not falling down the spiral staircase we made it up near the top.

Along the way a voice kept trying to taunt Sa’ Akiv into doing something rash. This wasn’t a concern for us because Sa’ Akiv stayed in Aarn. After a while it started taunting us by saying that it was going to enjoy us as a tasty morsel.

We did find laboratories, libraries and Sa’ Akiv’s bedroom.

Finally we found the way to the top floor. I felt an overwhelming evil on the other side of the door. We burst through the door and filled into the room to find one of the most dangerous undead creatures, a Vampire Lord. Because of our overwhelming force we were able to force the Vampire Lord from the tower and cause it to retreat.

Kal-Turak the Ravager then spoke to us inside our heads because he was angry that we had defeated his minions. He gave Maeven a vision that her family castle was being attacked and her father was being directly attacked. At this point Maeven went crazy. Fortunately we were prepared for her this time.

We swiftly knocked her out and tied her up.

By using Scrying stone Arya was able to contact the mage’s guild in Aarn. She spoke the guild master and Sa’ Akiv. Sa’ Akiv told Arya how to open the portal so we could step into his personal pocket dimension.

We couldn’t leave our animals so we had to get them up 50 flights of stairs. It was crazy! But we couldn’t leave our animals out where the undead that wander through the Whispering Wastes exist.

Arya successfully opened the portal and we stepped thru.



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