Turakian Age- The shadow you cannot see

Time to close the 'barn door'

Portal under Aarn must be closed


After the Night of the Orcs we split up into two groups. Arya, Grace, Ithra, and myself headed across town to make sure that The Hellreavers’ guild hall and our item of power was still well protected. Arya and Grace went to the mages guild. Ithra and I headed to The Hellreavers’ guild hall.

Arya explained to her mentor what we knew and he was able to provide her with a scroll that should be able to close the portal – if she can get close enough to the portal to use it. Arya and Grace decided that Grace would be the best person to carry it.

Ithra and I found out there had been a major assault on the The Hellreavers’ guild hall. The Hellreavers’ were able to repeal the orcs with minimal causalities to the Hellreavers.

We then returned back to The Vault to discuss our plans. We would have to travel to the under-city.

Aarn Under-City

Almost 300 years ago the city of Aarn was virtually destroyed by Stormlord’s curse.

Where is that ‘barn door’?

It was decided that we would provision ourselves with two days of food, three days worth of oil, a couple of lanterns and two 50m sections of rope and leave the next day.

Orc Armies leave a mess

The memories that Arya’s gained from the orc provided very useful directions and we quickly found our way to the under-city of Aarn. Laurelinda again proved to be an excellent scout, no surprise really since she is an elven ranger. Grace was also quite nimble at helping to scout ahead. At one point I swore I had my eye on Ithra when he literally seemed to disappear.

We found the camp where the orcs had gathered prior to their assault on the city. They had found and made use of some of the buildings and ruins from The smell might have been able to guide us. Large armies are messy. Large orc armies are even more so. And then when you confine them in a under-city, the stench was almost overwhelming. We did find a number of dead orcs. Some looked to have been murdered by their fellow orcs and some looked like they died from disease or old injuries.

Into the depths we go

Laurelinda found a large pit that had ladders which lead further below the under-city. The orcs had used the ladders to climb up to the area where they eventually camped. We carefully climbed down and found a large cavern. Laurelinda crept down one of the passages with Grace and Ithra following close behind.

When Laurelinda turned one of the corners she spotted ten lesser demons in the next chamber. After she signaled to the rest of us what she spotted we backed up and came up with a plan. Basically Maeven, Ithra and I would form a choke point in the passage way and taunt the demons to attack us. This would allow Laurelinda to pepper any oncoming demons with arrows, Grace to hit them with her sling and Arya to continue to demonstrate her awe inspiring magical abilities.


Flashing blades, arrow shots, sling bullets, and lightning


The first shots by Laurelinda and Grace almost killed the first demon outright. I immediately issued a challenge to the remaining demons to attack us because they were facing a Hellreaver.


Even though we have not trained together as a unit and we haven’t known each other for very long, we have become a very effective fighting unit. Between the constant barrage of arrow and bullet fire from Laurelinda and Grace, Arya’s effective use of her magic (especially her blast of wind and crystal arrows), Ithra and Maeven made quick work of the demons.

Both Ithra and I were wounded during the battle. I prayed to the Skyfather for his blessing upon us. The Skyfather graced us with his healing.

Oops we found it

After a short rest we continued on our journey. Eventually we came to a very large structure that seemed to be intact and well lit. The portal was at the opposite side of the structure. Between us and the structure there were four mages standing around some kind of altar. It was obvious they were engaged in some kind of summoning ritual.

They had a dome of power surrounding them, probably to keep anyone from disturbing them while they cast their spell. There was also a second dome of power in the center of the circle – probably where the creature being summoned was to appear.

The hastily laid plan was to have Laurelinda, Arya and Grace sneak along one side of the structure so they could approach the portal to close it with the scroll Arya had received at the mages guild. When they were about 1/2 way there Maeven and I would make a ruckus to draw off any attackers our way. Ithra would position himself so he could attack from the side or behind.

Stupid mages

It is bad enough that mages want to summon things from other planes but why oh why do they insist on summoning demons. And these four mages couldn’t just summon any demon, no they needed to summon the Demon Prince of Power. So not only did they summon him but when they told him they were his master because their contract, they believed him when he submitted to them, and they lowered the inner dome of power.

At which point the Demon Prince of Power caused demons to rise up from inside the bodies of the mages, which resulted in mage blood and entrails being splatter all over the outer dome.

At this point I am thinking, we need to get someone back up to the mage’s guild and The Hellreavers guild house because we are all going to die in about 10 minutes.
About this point in time another mage appeared and challenged the Demon Prince of Power. I only heard a bit of the conversation but it went something like this:

Mage: Who dares to call me from my realm?

Demon Prince of Power: I dare you know who I serve mortal.

Mage: I will not kneel before Kal-Turak and you may tell your master that.

At this point the mage banishes the Demon Prince of Power, creates a dome of power around himself and unfortunately for us, the dome of power which contains the other demons comes down.

And then it gets worse

Part II to follow….



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