Turakian Age- The shadow you cannot see

The Succubus Song

Eli's Journal

It had been many months since I left Aarn. It was a tough choice to leave my mother and sister behind, but a story teller can only repeat the old tales for so long. Eventually a man has to go out and experience his own adventures and create new stories.

I found myself on the other side of the world, traveling with a merchant caravan. They weren’t very exciting, but it was better than traveling alone. The countryside seemed peaceful enough on the surface. My first hint that something was up was when the hawk I had befriended suddenly screeched out a warning of danger, before flying as fast as he could in the opposite direction.

That was when I noticed that the land was quiet… deathly quiet. I began to softly sing a beast summoning song, hoping to find a friendly creature that could tell me what going on… but there wasn’t a living animal for miles in any direction. I warned the caravan leader that something was up, and he told his guards to be on alert.

We approached a small village, and even at a distance, we could see that there was something odd. The men were all armed, and the women were in chains. Just as we pulled the caravan to a halt, we were approached by a beautiful Elven woman. She introduced herself as Lorel Linda, and was obviously a woman of the woods. She warned us of what we had already noticed – that there was something odd going on in the village. I asked her in Elvish if she had noticed the missing wildlife. She seemed surprised that I spoke the Elvish tongue, and her tone towards me warmed considerably. She called her companions forward to discuss the situation. We were joined by Arya, another Elven woman who seemed to be a spellcaster, and Eltrois, a human Hellreaver. Valesca, a human woman who had also been traveling with the caravan also stepped forward to join the discussion.

We realized that we needed more information, and decided that our best bet was to talk to one of the women from town. Seeing as how they were all being kept in chains, we thought that they would be the most cooperative for giving us straight answers. Lorel Linda and Valesca snuck in to town, and returned with a couple of the formerly captive women, who seemed very grateful to be free.

The women told us their tale – that 5 soldiers had come to town, accompanied by a beautiful woman. They all seemed to be unusually devoted to this woman, and took her to see the Lord of the village. The Lord began summoning all of the men in town to the keep, and when they returned, they all seemed to be controlled. Shortly after, all of the women in town were put in to chains.

Both Eltrois and I came to the same conclusion – that the beautiful woman had to be a succubus. We decided that we needed to go to the keep and confront her, hoping to free the Lord and the rest of the town from her control. In order to get to the keep, we would have to pass through the village. We figured that the men in the group could just walk through, and pretend to be charmed if necessary, but getting the women through might be a problem. Lorel Linda and Valesca are both skilled in sneaking, so they opted to skirt the edges of town. We decided that Arya’s best option was to dress in some of Eltrois old clothes, and I did my best to disguise her as a man.

The journey through the village turned out to be easier than expected. The possessed men mostly paid us no mind, with a few warning us that we shouldn’t be there. We approached the gates of the Keep and there were no guards on duty. We scouted around a bit, and narrowed down that the succubus and her victims were in the Lord’s manor. We all set up defensive positions, as Eltrois opened the doors – and seemed to be momentarily stunned by the sights within. As the door swung open and the rest of us caught sight of the succubus, with the 5 soldiers standing at her defense, we were momentarily stunned at the sight of her as well.

Luckily, we were able to quickly come back to our senses. Eltrois, who had found himself surrounded by all 5 of the soldiers, drew a glowing sword, and easily sliced through 3 of them, leaving them bloody and unconscious. You would think that this sight would have made the others hesitate, but they didn’t seem to notice or to care. I guess the succubus’ hold on them was too powerful. Arya spoke a few words and I saw some glimmering crystal shards fly over my shoulder towards the succubus, only to shatter against an invisible wall. Valesca began climbing the wall to gain access to an upper window, looking for a better vantage point.

I attempted to use a Lullaby on the remaining two soldiers. This song is usually pretty effective at putting normal men to sleep, but the succubus’ charm must have given them some resistance to it. Their eyes fluttered a time or two, but they remained on their feet.

Arya must have decided that a direct attack on the succubus wasn’t going to work, as she used another spell to pick up a large bear rug that was on the floor, and used it to wrap up the succubus. Eltrois took advantage of the now helpless succubus and drove his sword clean through her head. With the succubus dead, the soldiers quickly came out of their stupor.

At about that time, Valesca emerged from the back hall with the Lord in tow. He was wrapped in nothing but some thin bed clothes and looked to be flushed and a little embarrassed. He thanked us for saving him and his village from the succubus.

After Eltrois patched up the injured soldiers, we sent them riding to a nearby monastery to fetch a priest. With everything that the men of the village had done while charmed, they were going to need a priest to help them atone. We then went to the village to see that the women were freed from their chains, and to prevent the women from taking revenge on the men for their abuse.

We ended up spending about a week in the village, waiting for the soldiers to return with the priest. I spent most of that time in the tavern, doing what I do best – drinking, telling stories and flirting with the women (and some of the men). They seemed especially impressed by the illusionary visions that accompanies my stories. Eltrois spent some time telling me of the party’s past adventures, and even paid me a bit of silver to start working their adventures in to hero’s tales. Valesca also told us of tomb in the area that was rumored to hold the treasures of some long forgotten Elven heroes. We decided that it would be a good adventure for us to undertake together. We all had reasons for wanting to visit the tomb – whether it was to eradicate the evil demons that lurked within, or to gather the treasure to sell, or to return the treasure to the Elves.


I always like the way you write up adventure logs!

The Succubus Song


The Succubus Song

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