Turakian Age- The shadow you cannot see

Rescue a Duke and Defeat a Demon, Mage and a pack of demonlings

Time to 'kill' Darsmakul again


Sa’ Akiv meet us inside his personal pocket universe. He told us that our trip would take us a few hours inside of his universe. Normally the time to travel to Maeven’s ancestral home would be measured in months.

Sa’ Akiv showed us the inside of the fortress and manor house. He deposited us in the courtyard between the outer wall and the manor house. Maeven knew where a secret entrance would be and got us inside the manor house.

We then had Ithra and Loriel Linda circle around to the front entrance of the manor house. Maeven and I rushed into the main hall.


  1. Eltrois
  2. Maeven Landa Deriné
  3. Arya
  4. Loriel Linda
  5. Ithra
  6. Hellreaver Knight
  7. Hellreaver Knight
  8. Darsmakul
  9. Targa the Black
  10. Maeven’s mother and brother who were turned into undead
  11. Demonlings

  1. Eltrois
  2. Maeven Landa Deriné
  3. Darsmakul
  4. Targa the Black

      Maeven rushed towards the mage who was standing over her father swinging her two handed sword and she was able to land a solid blow. The mage, Targa the Black, was able to absorb her blow because his own magical protections enveloped his body. He returned Maeven’s blow with hell fire. We later found out the hellfire burned thru Maeven’s armor.


I charged down Darsmakul with my sword drawn. The sword was glowing blue along the runic verses and it was making a singing sound. I landed a strong blow against Darsmakul. In turn Darsmakul slammed his powerful claws against my armor. Fortunately I was protected by sturdy chainmail armor, Arya’s armor protecting potion, and my sword. After dancing with Darsmakul for a few more moments I was able to land a very strong blow against his mid-section. He collapsed at my feet. At that point I noticed that Darsmakul had a few of Lorel Linda’s arrows in his back and side.

I took a quick survey around the room and saw that some of my companions were battling a horde of demonlings, that Maeven was quickly about to dispatch Targa the Black and decided the best way to end the fight was to present Darsmakul’s head to the remaining demonlings.

Since I know that demonlings are generally cowardly, if they saw their leaded banished back to hell they would probably leave as well. A few well placed blows and Darsmakul’s head was separated from his neck. I then presented the head to all who remained and said “Your master is banished. Leave for hell or you will be banished as well.” The demonlings promptly left.

At this point Maeven saw her mother and brother and went insane. It looked like she was going to kill them. We were able to subdue her.


Maeven’s mother and brother could not be restored to their previous lives so The Hellreavers and I were able to dispatch the undead creatures, rebury and consecrate their graves to prevent further acts of black magic. We were are also able to keep Targa the Black alive. I had hoped to find out more about the enemies plans by getting him to talk to us.

We found out that Maeven’s father’s soul had been corrupted by black magic. The duke was unconscious and best place to take him to was Elvenholme to restore him to his normal self. After Maeven recovers her wits she commands us to take her father to Elvenholme and have him cured. She will stay at the castle until new troops arrive and instructions from the king come back.



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