Turakian Age- The shadow you cannot see

Panthers, Druids, and Cultists Oh My!

Burial Ground for one of the Lord of the Graven Spear's Generals

Maps to Burial Grounds

Our new found companion, Valesca, told us she had a map to a burial ground for one the Lord of the Graven Spear’s generals.

This burial ground was near Elvenholme and was reported to contain artifacts from a great battle between Lord of the Graven Spear’s army and the elves.

We had an uneventful trip to the area near the burial grounds.

Burial Grounds

Laurelinda needs to learn one important thing about scouting

As is our usual practice Laurelinda was scouting ahead of the party. She is good at keeping us on the path to our destination. And she is absolutely brilliant at finding places to camp (usually close to water, shelter, and defensible). She is terrible at one thing though as a scout.

When she finds something she doesn’t always come back and let us know what she has seen. She just figures things will work out. Most of the time this works out without any trouble.

This time she let us ride up to a stranger she had talked to and had decided to continue to scout around some more. She and Tōns had spotted some men laying in ambush on a hill.

The Skyfather showed me that Tōns was someone I could trust.

Sergeant Edwane would have been pleased

Sergeant Edwane is the small unit and tactics instructor for The Hellreavers.. His lectures could be quite boring at times. The class shined when we had to actually practice what we were learning. I think Sergeant Edwane would have been impressed with out initial encounter with the Graven Spear cultists.

Once I got the information from Laurelinda, I pieced together a plan. Eli the Storyteller would stay with the horses. Arya and I would hang back and wait for Laurelinda, Valesca, and Tōns to work around to the opposite side of the hill.

The plan was to have Arya use her blast of wind to knock them down and then Tōns said he could ask the plants to entrap the men. At that point Laurelinda and Valesca would look for targets of opportunity.

As all that was happening I would charge up the hill on horseback.

Love it when a plan comes together

The plan worked perfectly. We thoroughly decimated the cultists on the hill. But we didn’t realize until the fight was about to start that there were other cultists hiding behind a fortified position near the burial ground entrance.

Three things happened that helped neutralize the threat. The first was Laurelinda and her expert ability to hit a target many yards away. Valesca then surprised me when I found out she had beaten one of the cultists senseless. And seeing the strange occurrence of the cultists literally fighting each other and killing each other. When I mentioned this later I couldn’t help but notice that Arya had a funny look in her eye.

Burial Ground

Another Ulronai

What I didn’t see was that there was a Ulronai named Kaze, who was on the same quest as our previous companion was on…. Find all the broken parts of the Graven Spear so it can be used to break the Ulronai curse.

The Skyfather showed me that Kaze was someone I could trust.

Knock knock … Anyone home

Well it turns out the cultists we found were the rear guard for the actual tomb raiders. Our quickly actions prevented the rear guard from being able to raise the alarm.

Arya has the unique ability to get into people’s heads and read their thoughts and memories. She was able to find out where and what kind of traps and obstacles were going to be in our way. With that knowledge we quickly gained access to a large burial chamber.

Within the chamber we found the cultists and their leader.

We have developed a set of tactics that works well for us, although we are having to adjust with all the new people who joined us recently.

We keep Arya near the back because she has the ability to use her magic to soften up any massed troops and to help attack any singularly dangerous opponents. Also Laurelinda is best when she can use her bow. My role is to draw the enemy to myself so my companions can flank them and attack them from all sides.

Our three new companions understood their roles and acted in good order.

Once we were in place I gave Arya the signal to use fireball on the mass of cultists near the far end of the room. The explosion was dreadful. Many of the cultists robes and uniforms caught on fire. Others moved into place along the edges of the room



Arya was able to use one more fireball on the entire group of cultists, including their leader before we became fully engaged. I for one was grateful for her actions because I found myself surrounded by the cultists who were capable with their weapons. A few of them were able to get past my defenses.

Kaze demonstrated that he was truly a Ulronai because he jumped right into the fight. His blade was whirling and flashing as he cut down cultists who were near him.

The leader of the cultists was truly a dangerous man. He had a great deal of skill, was wearing plate armor and he possessed a terrible weapon that looked like it was part of the Legendary Graven Spear. His skills caused me to be worried because he was able to wound me a few times.

Again Laurelinda skill with a bow may have saved my life because she was able to cause hurt him enough that he was momentarily distracted. At that point I struck him with the mightiest blow I could muster. Skyfather must have been looking kindly on me at that moment because I struck the leader down. Without Laurelinda striking him first I doubt I would have had the chance to hurt the leader of these cultists.

I tried ordering the remaining cultists to surrender but they would not. They insisted on fighting to the death. Just when it looked like the battle would be over the cult leader stood up and engaged us again. Fortunately for us, the rest of the cultists were mostly defeated and we were able to kill him in short order.

After the battle was over we found that Tōns and his panther had been wounded fairly severely. Tōns was able to draw upon the power of nature to heal himself and his panther.

Kaze and I were also wounded. Skyfather blessed us both with healing after I implored on the Skyfather for a blessing.


What did we find

Graven Spear cultists had reforged or reworked much of the elven armor and weapons for their own use. This also permanently tainted what they had made.

Arya and Valesca found some items of value including personal items, jewelry, tapestries, and a small amount of silver.

Valesca was unhappy about how little was collected. She was also mad that Arya insisted we try to find the rightful heirs to the items we found. At that point Valesca said the silver was all hers because the map had brought us to this location.

It is interesting how quickly money and items of value can cause everyone to get upset.

Kaze found a diary and map which the cult leader was using to identify other locations where the broken pieces of the Legendary Graven Spear might be.

Time for a new door and lock for this tomb

Laurelinda went off to find a good place to camp and do some hunting. The rest of us moved the bodies into the tomb, brought the large logs into the tomb and we covered everything with dry tinder and Arya ignited it. The fire burned for hours. The smoke and stench rose up all afternoon and most of the evening.

In the morning we noticed that part of the tomb had collapsed in on itself and Arya was able to move massive boulders into place to block the entrance.



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