Turakian Age- The shadow you cannot see

Night of the Orcs

There goes the neighborhood....

Clean up the neighborhood

We had all retired for the night at The Vault when we were awoken by the sounds of battle around the city. After everyone was up and equipped I commanded Ithra to climb on the roof and find out what was going on. He reported that there were orcs in our neighborhood fighting the city guard. When we all took a look it was clear the entire city was fighting various pitched battles. Most parts of the city of Aarn has additional fighting men and women, except for the area we live because we are in the craftsmen and leather workers part of town.

We needed to act quickly to rescue families in the nearby area because their homes would likely be ‘invaded’ by orcs if the city guard was overwhelmed. The Vault was the most secure building in the area. I quickly came up with a plan to have Ithra, Arya, and Laurelinda get on the roof and keep the orcs on that side of the building busy.

Maeven and I would go outside and help city guards and rescue families by directing them back to The Vault

Arya used her water wall to keep the orcs from overwhelming Maeven and myself. After a pitched battle with the orcs, our companions on the roof were able to help eliminate the orcs on their side of the building. Maeven demonstrated both her fighting prowess and creative ways for dealing with foes. After we gathered people from the immediate area in The Vault, I instructed the city guard to stay in the building to defend it and the people inside it. Also they should use 1/2 their number to patrol the immediate vicinity – areas easily seen from The Vault.

Arya was able to probe the mind of an orc, before he died, and found out the orcs had come from under the city. The orcs had been brought under the city via a portal. There was a shadowy figure who brought them to Aarn. Arya was also able to discern who the leader of the orcs was.

Battle in the Marketplace

I had Grace and Ithra scout ahead of us as we made our way to where more fighting was at. We came to the central market where Grace reported that two squads of city guard had been killed and there were at least 40 orcs – along with their leader.

We knew we had to take out the leader as quickly as possible.


* L – Laurelinda
* I – Ithra
* G – Grace
* A – Arya
* M – Maeven
* E – Eltrois
* Blue Line – Arya’s Water wall

The plan involved waiting for Arya to enter the mind of the leader and convince him to send half of his archers and swordsmen into the courthouse building to bed down. This worked very well. Arya then brought forth her water wall. The goal of the water wall was to protect Laurelinda and Ithra while they try and pepper the Leader of the orcs. Grace would start a fire on the tent in front of her. And Maeven and I would advance from around a building making as much noise as possible.

At that point the battle was on. Laurelinda and Ithra dispatched the leader fairly quickly with their arrow fire. Arya brought forth at least three fireballs on the orc formations. Grace landed a number of good hits with her sling (I heard a clanging sound every once in a while).

Meanwhile Maeven and I were quickly surrounded on two sides. After many blows had been dealt to the orcs Maeven was able to impress on the orcs that they should surrender. Her killing one of their companions with the two handed great sword made a big difference. Also the smell of burning orc flesh and screams of the dying orcs probably helped convince them to give up.

We tied up the surviving orcs. Killed any of the seriously wounded. Collected up arms and armor from the dead. The city guard showed up to take charge of the prisoners.

By this point in time the fighting around town seems to have stopped. We headed back to The Vault.


I wonder why the orcs attacked? There doesn’t seem to be a purpose to their attack. This thought is nagging at me as we head back to The Vault. In the morning we need to make sure the artifact we took to The Hellreavers is still safe. And also the scrying device is still safe at the mages guild.



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