Turakian Age- The shadow you cannot see

Letters to father

Writing letter to father:
Dear Father, I have arrived in Aarn. Thank you for the recommendation of riding with the caravans, however, even with my prowess at arms, they are not terribly safe. However, if you were waiting to hear of my caravan’s safe arrival in Aarn, it shall not come. Evidently, it was set upon, and all but me were killed. I did look at the the bodies, and it did not appear that I had a hand in any of their deaths. That is a large relief. I awoke in a dungeon, manacled to the wall. A while later, I roused to find my wrists scored greatly by the manacles, with a filthy Ulroni across from me, smiling coyly and speaking with honeyed words. Obviously, he is the reason I was raging, so why was he so insistent on telling me to calm myself? I was trying to free myself, however, brute strength was not enough and I kept passing out. Eventually, a group of travelers entered the prison. One freed me, and I’m afraid I was not terribly self contained. I will not say that I had fear, however, I did wish to be as far from the pestilent Ulroni as possible. The one who freed me was not terribly pleased at the Ulroni either, so he and I got along well, I would say. There was a warrior priest as well. Yes, father, yet another priestly person. He declared the Ulroni to be one of the “good” sort, but I am withholding judgement for now. There were also two elves, one an archer, and the other a mystic type. Arrangements have been made for me to help guard a storage facillity, with the pay being free lodging. I hope this meets with your approval, with an Ulroni in the party (an of course, the priest has adopted him) it is hard to find an inn that will take us in. If it doesn’t, I shall see about arranging lodging at one of the better taverns.
I am in need of a new horse, and while a riding horse is easily acquired, a battle trained beast is going to take me more time. If I am going to continue my lonely sojourning, I need to be as well equipped as possible. The “spells” are still happening, however, I didn’t hurt any of this party either, although I do not recall my actions anymore than I did a week ago. It is my intent, since this seems to be a home base for the rest of the group, to begin having a suit of plate mail fitted for me. This will necessitate regular withdrawals to pay the armor smith. Also, have you ever heard of an ELVEN blade?? I used one, and the thing was incredible to swing. It would not be amiss as a holiday gift, if you were so inclined….
How is mother? I am worried that she will miss me and further deteriot her health. Please tell her that I am well, and I seem to finish battles without a scratch. I will feel out this priest and if he is to be trusted, I will let him know more about my “condition”. But as the others said, the best cure is to be away from home for a while. I love you and miss you dreadfully. I understand that outwardly, you must be circumspect, but please carry my love for you and mother in your heart. You live there, and you are my reason for hope to return.
Your obedient and loving daughter



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