Turakian Age- The shadow you cannot see

Dem Bones Dem Bones Dem Dry Bones

What were they thinking.....

We found out that Sa’ Akiv was holding an item called the Bloodstain Scrolls of Thronek. Sa’ Akiv had placed them into a chest which prevented the Bloodstain Scrolls of Thronek from randomly teleporting away. The chest also prevented any magical tampering.

The Aarn mage’s guild and Hellreavers order required that we immediately travel to the Whispering Wastes where Sa’ Akiv home (The Tower of Bone) was at. After provisioning with horses, mules, barding, Day Stones, healing potions & salves, food, bandages, holy water, rope, bells, spare shields, and scrolls that provided wards vs. undead (all at the mage’s guild and Hellreavers expense); we headed off.

We knew there was a village that could direct us to a Hellreavers outpost so we headed off in that direction.

When we got to the village, after many days of traveling we found out that they had not heard from a local mining camp in a long time. Since we were in the area and the chest we were going to recover wasn’t going anywhere (we hoped), we decided to investigate what was happening at the miners camp.

Upon arriving at the miners camp we found it in complete disarray. There wasn’t a living soul in sight. Loriel Linda scouted the area and found a single set of tracks that seems to be the culprit behind the attack. The tracks lead from the mine and back into the mine. As the terrain outside the mine was tactically sound for us we set up our attack.

Maeven and I stood outside the mine entrance. All of our companions found good hiding spots that would allow them to rain arrow, sling bullet and magical attacks on whatever came out of the mine. Then Maeven and I started making as much noise as possible.

Within moments a Bone Fiend came out of the mine and attacked Maeven and myself. As planned our companions rained volley after volley and ranged attacks on the creature. Maeven and I closed with it and proceeded to cut it down to size with our swords.

After a short battle the creature was dead and we had escaped with minimal injuries. Upon further investigation in the mine we found the miners bodies. It appears they had disturbed the Bone Fiends’ “sleep”.

We buried the dead miners. Cleaned up the camp and headed back to the village.

Upon arrival int he village we were able to tell them what happened to the miners.

After a good nights rest we proceeded to The Hellreavers outpost.



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