Turakian Age- The shadow you cannot see

Beauty with a beast inside

She might be good looking ... Unfortunately she really is a she-demon

Endings and Beginnings

We found that Maeven could not control her rages any longer. We took her to a place where she and those around her would be safe.

Our Ulronain friend decided to continue on his quest to put the Graven Spear together with the hope of defeating the curse on his people.


And so Arya, Lorel Linda, and myself traveled to Elvenholme. We have spent a number of weeks here. The elves are a pleasant people. I enjoyed my time with their story tellers and in their tea and wine shops. After a time though I was itching to leave and find out what the next chapter in our lives would be.

I noticed that Lorel Linda was also complaining about being cooped up in a city. She is a twitchy elf. For someone who has lived at least 200 years longer than I have she doesn’t seem very mature to me. She acts more like a teenager.

Arya is stoic as ever.

Trouble always finds us

As we were enjoying some tea, Arya’s mentor sent a messenger to come and bring us to see him. Advarn is an elven mage who commands a great deal of respect among both elven and human mages.

We found Advarn with an elven scout who reported that villagers from a nearby village in the Mhendarian Palatinate were behaving oddly. The men were moving about freely in the town but all the females (young and old) were chained up during the day (while doing their work) and then locked up at night.

This is exactly what we were looking for – a reason to get out of town.

Trip to the village

As we traveled to the village I reviewed my holy texts because there was something about what we were told that tickled my memory from one of my demonology classes. After a few hours of looking I became convinced we might find a succubus had taken over the town.

A succubus takes advantage of the weakness in all men … We are so easily manipulated by a pretty face and especially by a pretty woman who takes an intimate interest in us. I spent extra time in prayer every morning and evening as we traveled.

I thought about the recent history of Mhendarian Palatinate and realized that the local lord for this village acts as a stabilizing influence within the Mhendarian Palatinate and keeps the entire area from falling into a civil war.

Arrival at the village

We arrived at the village and started observing what was going on. Everything was as the elven scout told us.

After a while we noticed a caravan heading towards the village. The last thing we needed would be more people in the village under the influence of the succubus. So we sent Lorel Linda to stop them from going into town. We quickly convinced the caravan master that we should move away from village.

A quick discussion revealed that the caravan had a couple extraordinary guards. Eli the Storyteller is a bard from everywhere. Valesca is a bit of a mystery. Apparently she is able to get in out sticky situations.

After observing the village for a day we decided on a plan of action. We needed someone to go into the village and get one of the women out of the village so we could talk to her. Lorel Linda and Valesca volunteered to go into the village. While they went into the village we prepared the area near the caravan camp to prevent anyone from just riding into camp.

They came back with two women. We talked to the women and found out that a strange woman came to town with five (5) knights were a part of the Mhendarian Palatinate army. After they went to see Lord Walter, who is the lord of the village.

We needed a way to get into the main keep without causing a ruckus. Eli was able to disguise Arya as a man. The three of us walked right into the keep. Lorel Linda and Valesca were able to sneak into the keep.

She devil in the flesh

We approach the door and I peeked through the door. I saw the five knights and the succubus.

There are times when I should really remember my training and think before I act. Instead I charged right into the room. The Skyfather did protect me when the succubus looked in my direction.

In the first rush of the attack I was able take down three of the five knights. The other knights were then attacked by my companions. Arya used her powers to grab the bear rug on the floor and wrapped up the succubus in it. I was able to kill the succubus fairly quickly after Arya’s used her spell.

Our new friend Valesca was able to sneak into the manor house and free Lord Walter.

Once the succubus was banished all the men returned to their normal selves.

Immediate aftermath

The men freed the women once they were free of the succubus’ power. After doing what I could to heal the knights who I had wounded, I then gathered the men together into the local temple to start a service of healing and penance. Once they were all on their knees praying for penance and it was clear they weren’t going anywhere I went to find the local tavern.

I found my companions enjoying a round of ale and enjoying the women who had just been freed.

We sent the knights to a nearby abbey to get priest to deal with the spiritual and moral fallout from this event. They returned within a short period of time.

Things left to do

Question the knights

  1. Where did they find the succubus?
  2. Where were they going?
  3. Did they have any strange encounters prior to meeting her?


  1. I will collect as much blood and flesh as I can from what is left of the succubus.
  2. Write a short letter to my order about our encounter
  3. See if Lorel Linda or Valesca can search for any personal effects left behind by the succubus

Lord Walter

  1. Ask him to send word to Advarn in Elvenholme that all is safe now
  2. Ask him to send my letter back to Aarn and The Hellreavers
  3. Find out if he has any personal enemies who might have summoned the succubus and sent her here


An excellent adventure! Before long they will be repeating this tale in every tavern in the Westerlands!

Beauty with a beast inside

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